Grace: Her Matriotic Wing, 2017 Mixed media on prepared paper, 42 x 29 1/2 inches

Are portraits more about the sitter, the artist, or the time they live in? I work from life – in the sitter’s presence and all the immediacy that entails. This helps me maintain a connection to real life at a time when digital life can be overwhelming. In this way, portraiture is about the artist maintaining human interaction. In presenting themselves to the world the sitter collaborates in this process as an active participant. These current collaborations are occurring at a troubling and turbulent time. Fact, if not truth itself, is under siege. By working from life, the sitter and artist together reveal the truth of a specific time, place and act. This cannot be faked; the finished work is an unmediated artifact of the act. Rather than think of these as portraits of people, for me these are portraits of authentic moments.

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