Learn about The Smoother Skin and Home Grown 3 from 2018

Learn about The Smoother Skin and Home Grown 3 from 2018

The Smoother Skin, 2018 began as a figure study on prepared paper.  This is the third state, after toning the paper.  There was a two-hour drawing then manipulations with sprayed water, medium, spray paint and pastel dust.  Here is another view – “artfully” shot for instagram – that shows some detail of the manipulations.

Image 4/9/2018

Image 4/9/2018.

Finally the finished piece below that will be on display at the Barrett Art Center New Directions 2018 exhibition in Poughkeepsie, NY October 5 –  November 17, 2018.

The Smoother Skin, 2018 Mixed media on prepared paper, 29 1/2 x 42 inches Image 6/24/2018

The Smoother Skin, 2018  Mixed media on prepared paper,  29 1/2 x 42 inches.  The rich layer of pigment in this piece, along with the ghost images of the earlier drawing with just a hint of anatomy seems almost nauseating juxtaposed with the faint skull imagery and the lush coloration of the torso and the shiny gun. 

Home Grown 3 began at a figure drawing session around the same time as The Smoother Skin.  A similar pose but very different handling of pastel and medium done on prepared paper.  This image shows it at a third (or fourth) state with at least two figure studies and manipulations with spray medium, spray paint and pigment.  The two figure studies I recall were one male figure and then a female figure.

Image 4/9/2018

Then we get a completely different figure study.  The drawing is flopped and a new clear but obviously flawed drawing emerges.

Image 5/1/2018

Finally, after the drawing is manipulated further with medium and pigment the finished drawing:

Home Grown 3, 2018 Mixed media on prepared paper, 42 x 29 1/2 inches Image 6/24/2018



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